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The power to change begins with your vision...
Owner of Rediscover Wellness LLC

Meet Hilary

I provide specialized, one-on-one health coaching for working professionals that want to reduce stress, increase energy, and make self-determined lifestyle changes. Challenges at home and in the workplace can easily cause us to put our own health needs on the backburner. My role as a Certified Health Coach is to help make wellness change for individuals possible and in ways that work for them. I provide accountability and support toward that desired health journey to increase happiness and provide relief.

What is a Health Coach?

A health coach is a certified professional that uses evidence-based skills and tools to help empower and motivate individuals that want to make self-determined wellness changes. The health coach meets the individual where they are and provides structure, guidance, and educational offerings in a respectful and positive environment. Using appreciative techniques, the health coach works alongside the individual to bring together current strengths and past successes to make reasonable, achievable and sustainable desired health goals.

Benefits of Health Coaching

Focuses on individualized solutions

Inspires additional health changes

Improves relationships

Cultivates mindfulness

Identifies strengths and values

Promotes self-efficacy and confidence

Sharpens problem-solving skills

Enhances overall well-being 

Reduces risk for chronic illness or helps to manage

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